Saturday, 16 June 2007

Off to the Park

Hi everyone,
Trusting your weekend is fine so far?
It's raining cats and dogs here AGAIN so I'm stuck inside with my 4 youngest boys...YIPPEE!! LOL

Isn't it funny how a trip to the local park can bring the 'inner child' out in everyone? I love jumping on the swings just as much as the next person and seeing how high I can fly. Remember those roundabout type swings that were in 4 sections that you pushed around with 1 foot and tried to get it going as fast as you could? I haven't seen one of those for years. Ahh...the sweet memories of childhood...

Today I have a fabulous selection of layouts of boys...big and small..enjoying time at the park.

This layout was one of the first I ever did but it shows that 'big' boys can have just as much fun at the park as their smaller counterparts. Just don't tell my DH I've uploaded this..LOL:

This next layout is a more recent one of my youngest son and our new puppy:

Here are some awesome layouts of boys on all kinds of different swings:
Deirdre Heath sent in this gorgeous layout of her little guy:

Hannah Blair shares this fantastic layout of her boy in what looks like a tree swing:

Nicole Finlayson shares this stunning layout of her little guy on a swing/ladder:

These next two layouts were sent in by Lisa Balm and Naomi Elswyck respectively and are both aptly titled 'Swing':

Kylie Fraser shares this gorgeous layout with us of her son swinging:

Parks are also notorious places for having equipment that seems to bring out the 'monkey' in our sons as well. They seem to find things to climb over, under and through till their hearts are content. Hmmmm...must be a boy thing!

Jane Logan shares the next two beautiful layouts of her boys:

Johanna Brain sent in this layout of her son atop a climbing frame:

Kathy Ferguson has sent this great layout in of her boys enjoying some time at a theme park:

This next lovely layout was submitted by Kylie Bailey and shows her young nephew feeding the ducks at the park:

Hope you enjoyed those layouts girls...there are some absolutely gorgeous ones there thanks to the ladies that continue to inspire us by sharing there lovely pages with us.
Please don't forget to submit yours:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today is just fabulous and was sent in by the very talented Alana Steadman. Look at the cheeky grin on this little fellow...LOL Thanks for sharing Alana!

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