Friday 31 July 2009

last of the entries

Sam Girardot - Real boys don't...
Helen Salthouse - Real Men aren't afraid to kiss a stranger
Tara Van Moorsel - Real men can wear pink nail polish

Wednesday 29 July 2009

more gorgeous entries

Jacqueline de Klerk - Real men have a mustache
Marci Negranza - Real boys don't do housework
Wendy Reaux - Real men wear pink
Taryn Stark - Real boys play footy
Anat Simon - Real men don't need a diaper

Wednesday 22 July 2009

gorgeous entries

Kirsty Piper - a real man lets the woman drive < />Amanda McGregor - real men don't count calories
Alison Hartley - real boys don't pose Diana Fisher - real boys love 2 read
Jennifer C - real men don't mind wearing tutus
Michelle LaPoint Rydell - Real men Live Laugh & Love
Janine C. S. Rachau - Real Men Don't mind tutu's
Mazlina Md Yusoff - real boys are nice to girls...
Allie Collyer - {real men}
Tam Partridge - real boys don't dress in girls clothes

Friday 17 July 2009

More Entries

Erin Morehouse - Real Men have tea parties
Reut Ben Ami - Real boys don't cry
Noel Drennen - real boys cuddle with woody Shazza Bishop - real boys don't cook up a storm

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Challenge entries

Rachel Doney - real boys hug
Ragna Neilsen - real boys don't fall asleep while eating
Lisa Kamphius -real boys go to the barber
Susan Bourgeois - Real men don't worry about pink boots
Brigitte van der Linden - Real Boys don't mind using a dish towel
Tanya Watson - Real boys don't mind dolls
Anne Patterson - real boys wear hats


Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners month we should be on time ...
First Prize (decided by creative team vote)$20 Voucher to spend at Scrap-a-while
Taryn Stark

Second Prize (decided by public poll) Mini Boy Kit from What Is Old Is New Kits
Anna Koziarek

Third Prize (decided by CT Vote)$20 voucher to spend at Mystical Scrapbooks
Sam Girardot
Along with a random draw prize of a gorgeous pack of boy ribbons and charms from my2angels
Amy Clark

So whats up for grabs next month?

First Prize (decided by CT Vote) is a $20 Store Voucher from Love Scrappin' and a guest CT spot

Second prize (decided by Public Poll) is a $20 Store Voucher fron Scrap of your life

Third Prize (decided by CT Vote) is a $15 Store Voucher from Scrapbooking from Scratch

The Random Prize Draw is a 20% Off Storewide offer from Scrapping Glitz

Friday 3 July 2009

July Challenge

“Real Men (or Boys) don’t…”
Whether you have heard the saying or not I would like you to take inspiration from the saying “real men don’t eat quiche” for this months layout.

Basically I would like you to create a layout capturing your boys doing things that may be the most masculine…so a little bit on the "girly" know maybe it is a secret thing for pink, them in some girly dress-ups, makeup, flowers in there hair… we all have those photos that you think “hmmm that will be a good one for their 21st birthday party…lol”
Anyway now is the time to drag them out and put them on paper…If you don’t have any photos maybe you could journal about it instead…document it before it is forgotten.
Criteria is to start your title with “real men (or boys) don’t….” (mind pink; look bad in heels…etc)
Sorry for the delay in posting this ...I hope you all have fun and I can’t wait to see your layouts.
Creative team Reveal:
Amy Welch - Real boys love teddy bears
Anna Koziarek - Real boys don't care about the haircut
Aphra Boyler - Real men don't mind pink
Hannah Blair - Real men don't mind dressing up!
Hayley Turner - Real boys don't need bibs
Kerryn Fry - Real Boys don't mind satin
Leanne Triggs - Real Boys don't do frilly shower caps
Wendy Smith - Real boys look good in a dress
Linda Eggleton - Real Men Don't feel any Shame...
Monique Follet - Real Boys pick flowers
Nahdrah Maidin - Real Boys don't ...
Pia Lopez - Real boys don't shop?
Wendela Lam

Thursday 2 July 2009

Last of the entries for the June Challenge

Lisa Balm - legomania
Marieke - Awsome Valerie Gehrke - Patiently
Jodi Voute - Toy Time Amy Oxford - Doodlepro
Sam Girardot - at one with nature
Emily Pearce - Big Boys Toys
Toni M - Summer
Taryn Stark - lego man
Erika Quinn - Wheels
Michelle - Explore
Megan Hawkins - baxaball