Thursday 21 June 2007

Mates, Pals and Buddies

Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you're all well.

My youngest son has recently been nagging me to death about going to his mates house for a sleep over, which would be his first time away from home so of course, I'm very reluctant to let him go. He is 9yrs old but a very clingy, 'Mummys boy' sort of kid who won't even go to parties unless I'm there!!
So I can imagine what he'd be like staying over at a friends house!! He is adamant that he'll be alright but I'm not so sure...LOL
These boys are constantly on the phone to each other after school. I can't understand what two 9yr olds would have to talk about after spending the whole day with other!!
My Jack is such a 'Dorrie Evans' though and could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles so I'm sure he still has plenty to say!!

We all need friends and boys...big or small...need their mates!

Have a look at this gorgeous selection of layouts of boys and their pals:

I love this LO sent in by Wendy Gaskin of these two little guys just looking happy in each others company:

Wendy also sent in this LO of cousins playing. Theres no better friend than a cousin:

Lisa Balm submitted these two great layouts:

These next two fabulous layouts were sent in by Kathy Ferguson:
'And this one band camp'...sorry Kathy..couldn't resist..LOL

Mates come in all shapes in sizes as these next layouts show us. These girls have scrapped their boys with 'Mans best friend'...dogs:

Ann McLachlan shares this lovely layout:

Kathy Ferguson also submitted this gorgeous layout:

Julie Hancock shares these two gorgeous layouts:

Jodie Zebra sent in this lovely layout and wow...look at this gorgeous dog!

This next great layout was sent in by Claire Daly of her little fellow playing with this dog:

And here's one of my boys playing with their best friend, our new puppy Max:

Thanks again girls for sending in your beautiful work to share with us.
Don't forget to send in your layouts:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today was one sent in by Janine Kaye. This is an awesome photo Janine and as usual, beautifully scrapped. Thanks for sharing.


Neek said...

again, another stunning samply of boy layouts! I just love this blog - keep up the good work! :)


Terri B said...

Loving these LO's. How would I go about sharing with you a few teen boy LO's I have done recently?

Sharon said...

Great layouts :)