Saturday 30 June 2007

Just Add Water

Hi everyone,
The weekend is here and I hope that means some well deserved scrapping time for you all!

Today I have some stunning layouts of boys enjoying water play which is probably something far from all our minds at the moment being so cold..but if you're anything like won't have caught up with all your summer pics anyway!! And if you have..then these pages are sure to bring inspiration and ideas for the coming warmer months.

This first gorgeous layout was sent in by Tracey Cavanaugh...just look at this fabulous design:

The next couple of pages are of some gorgeous little guys enjoying the warmer weather at the beach.
Hannah Blair shares this lovely layout of her son:

Pip Prosser has sent in this stunning layout of these youngs boys at the beach. The design of this layout is awesome:

Liane Gray submitted this beautiful layout of her son at the beach:

This next layout was sent in by Melissa Martin of her little boy having a ball in the ocean:

Karen Haywood sent in this layout of her son keeping cool in a dam:

The next couple of layouts show that you don't even have to leave home to have fun with water.

Julie Hancock has submitted this gorgeous layout of young boys playing with water bombs and buckets:

Hannah Blair's beautiful little boy is having a ball here under the sprinker:

This next layout shows Melissa Martin's little guy as happy as Larry out in the rain:

The next lot of layouts show the ultimate in water fun for boys of all ages...the water park!

Lyn Wood sent in this fabulous layout of her son having a ball at a water park:

Maureen McGlynn shares this layout with us of her son having a great day out at a water park:

And heres one of my boys having an absolute blast on a waterslide:

So again..there are many fabulous layouts there for you to draw inspiration from and keep the ideas flowing for your next page.
Please keep the layouts coming girls to share with others.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today was sent in by Tracey Cavanaugh. I love the design of this layout Tracey and the way you've journalled around the photo. Stunning!!

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Back to Nature

Morning everyone,
Well it's HUMP DAY as they say, middle of the week and two days to go before the weekend! Something to look forward too...LOL
As our school holidays start at the end of this week the boys and I have been tossing over a few ideas about one day trips over the next two weeks.
Providing it doesn't rain we'll be doing a couple of bush walks in our local area just for something different. My boys love the bush and have a ball 'getting back to nature'.

Here's a selection of stunning layouts sent in by some very talented scrappers of their boys enjoying the outdoors and getting in touch with Mother Nature.

Bon Johnstone has sent in this gorgeous layout:

Kerrie Lloyd has sent in the next two fabulous layouts:

Hannah Blair's little guy looks fascinated by these tigers:

These next two fabulous layouts were sent in by Leah Littlehales:

Janine Kaye shares this stunning layout of her little boy listening to the call of nature:

Nicole Finlayson sent in this lovely layout of her young fellow relaxing in the Great Outdoors:

Mistra Hoolihan shares this gorgeous layout of her son:

These next three lovely layouts were sent in by a new contributor to the blog all the way from Canada, Carla Robinson:

Thanks again girls for your gorgeous contributions to Scrap the Boys!
Please keep them coming and keep inspiring others.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today was sent in by the very talented Mistra Hoolihan. It's a layout of her newphew and check out his precious face....LOL Thanks for sharing Mistra!

Sunday 24 June 2007

Beautiful baby boys

Hey all,
Hope you all had an awesome weekend and are ready for the week ahead!!
One more week of school here and my guys have two weeks holidays which I'm really looking forward to. Apart from the 'day outings' we do, it's a chance for me to get some photo opportunities in which, of course, means more scrapping for me!!

Speaking of which, for all you busy girls out there that don't have time to go scrap shopping as often as you'd like...I have some great news for you!!
Fireside Crafts is a fabulous, relatively new scrapbooking site based on kit format sales, that will save you heaps of time in shopping and, even better than that...MONEY!!
Their 'Kit of the Month' at the moment is called 'Twice Burnt' and let me tell you is AWESOME!!

This entire kit is selling for $59-95 which is fantastic value!! There is also an accessories kit which co-ordinates perfectly with the Twice Burnt kit priced at $35-.
Great value..a whole kit of stylishly new product that will keep everyone scrapping for a whole month until the next kit is released!!

Today I ran into an old friend with a brand new baby!
Of course, I had a nurse of this teeny, tiny bundle of joy and it brought back so many memories of when my children were all so small and new.
No..I'm happy to didn't make me clucky..LOL...but it's certainly inspired me enough to share with you some gorgeous, teeny tiny baby layouts!!

Starting with this aptly named, stunning layout of this teeny tiny baby, sent in by Natalie Hearn:

Natalie has kindly submitted this sweet layout also:

Donna Coddington sent in this fabulous layout of her newborn:

This next layout was submitted by Naomi Elswyk of her brand new nephew:

Johanna Brain shares this lovely layout with us:

This next gorgeous layout was submitted by Claire Daly:

Kerrie Lloyd shares this sweet layout:

Kathie Link's little guy also enjoys a baby bath in this gorgeous layout:

Aren't they just the sweetest baby boy layouts?

Please keep submitting your gorgeous layouts in girls to share and inspire others.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today was sent in by Nicole Pomeroy of her gorgeous, sweet, smiling baby boy. Love this layout Nicole!! Thanks for sharing!

Thursday 21 June 2007

Mates, Pals and Buddies

Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you're all well.

My youngest son has recently been nagging me to death about going to his mates house for a sleep over, which would be his first time away from home so of course, I'm very reluctant to let him go. He is 9yrs old but a very clingy, 'Mummys boy' sort of kid who won't even go to parties unless I'm there!!
So I can imagine what he'd be like staying over at a friends house!! He is adamant that he'll be alright but I'm not so sure...LOL
These boys are constantly on the phone to each other after school. I can't understand what two 9yr olds would have to talk about after spending the whole day with other!!
My Jack is such a 'Dorrie Evans' though and could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles so I'm sure he still has plenty to say!!

We all need friends and boys...big or small...need their mates!

Have a look at this gorgeous selection of layouts of boys and their pals:

I love this LO sent in by Wendy Gaskin of these two little guys just looking happy in each others company:

Wendy also sent in this LO of cousins playing. Theres no better friend than a cousin:

Lisa Balm submitted these two great layouts:

These next two fabulous layouts were sent in by Kathy Ferguson:
'And this one band camp'...sorry Kathy..couldn't resist..LOL

Mates come in all shapes in sizes as these next layouts show us. These girls have scrapped their boys with 'Mans best friend'...dogs:

Ann McLachlan shares this lovely layout:

Kathy Ferguson also submitted this gorgeous layout:

Julie Hancock shares these two gorgeous layouts:

Jodie Zebra sent in this lovely layout and wow...look at this gorgeous dog!

This next great layout was sent in by Claire Daly of her little fellow playing with this dog:

And here's one of my boys playing with their best friend, our new puppy Max:

Thanks again girls for sending in your beautiful work to share with us.
Don't forget to send in your layouts:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today was one sent in by Janine Kaye. This is an awesome photo Janine and as usual, beautifully scrapped. Thanks for sharing.