Monday 30 April 2007

Slugs & snails & puppy dogs tails

There is something special about little boys that are just starting to walk and explore their environments isn't there??
Why is it they they always seem to gravitate towards dirt and things they're not allowed to touch? Because their boys..thats why!!
They are such curious little creatures and always seem to be getting into mischief but at this age they are completely adorable little beings and when they have done something naughty...all they have to do is smile at you and you can't help loving them.
Have a look at these layouts of these gorgeous little guys:

Tammy Templeton has submitted these first two beautiful layouts of her little boy in his toddler years :

Michelle Perry shares this layout of her special little man:

Dee Heath has sent in these next two lovely layouts of her adorable little guy:

The next 2 stunning layouts are from Janine Kaye:

Dionne Molina shares this next stunning layout with us:

These next two lovely layouts were sent in by Hannah Blair:

Thanks so much for sharing those fabulous layouts with us girls...they are all truly insprational. :)

Please continue to send in your layouts:
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The 'Scrap your Boys school photos' comp is still running so get your entries in!

My 'JUST BECAUSE...' LO today is one sent in by Caroline McLachlan of her adorable little boy. Just makes me want to reach out and give him a hug! Thanks for sharing Caroline!

Thursday 26 April 2007

Makes you clucky :)

Hey girls,
Trust you are all well.
There has been a great response so far to the 'Scrap your boys' school photos' competition which is great! So get scrapping those school pics and send them in!

Yesterday was spent with my husbands family on a picnic and I got to congratulate my niece who has recently found out she is pregnant! Of course, the talk was all about babies and how things have changed over the years.
This will be the first baby born in my hubbys' family for a while and I can already see those baby layouts forming in my head..LOL

I'm sure all I'll have to do is look at some of the gorgeous layouts of your babies that you have sent in for inspiration! We have to scrappers just have the most beautiful babies don't we?? :)

Have a look at this tiny little fella...sent in by Christie Haywood. Gorgeous!

Tatum Woodroffe has submitted a stunning layout of her baby boy that was born earlier on this year:

The next two layouts were sent in by the lovely Tammy Templeton of her little guy...just gorgeous Tammy!

Take a look at the photos of this little man...he is just adorable!! Submitted by Kylie it!

Kathie Link's baby, who is just the cutest little boy, features in the next two layouts...great pages Kathie!

Why not share some pages of your babies with us?
Click on the link below to submit them and start inspiring other scrappers today!
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My 'JUST BECAUSE....' LO today is one sent in by Janine Kaye of her little man which cracks me up just looking at the way he smiled for the camera!! Fantastic Janine!

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Messy, Dirty, Stinky & Sore!

Well good morning!
School holidays are now officially over, although it is Anzac day tomorrow and I'll have the tribe home again!!
That will give me time to fit my two youngest boys in their winter uniforms anyway!!
Speaking of many of you have scrapped your boys school photos?
I'm guilty for having not done this yet..I find school pics a bit like the old generic Pixi Photos I'm sure we all have tucked away somewhere of our kids when they were babies? Somehow they just all look the same!
Drab blues and greys..the same old uniform..same old background..only the child gets older every year.
Hmmm...maybe I'll have to challenge myself to get some out and scrap them?? about we all join in the challenge? Let's inspire each other to get some of those school pics scrapped! Scrap them and submit them to me at the address on the bottom of the page and the winner will receive a prize!
Competition will close on 16th May midnight EST.

Have you ever sat and watched the way little kids take such joy in eating yummy things? They just seem to get it all over their faces and clothes and are totally oblivious to the mess they are creating.
Have a look at these little guys enjoying some treats:

Dee Heath has sent in this layout of her gorgeous little man who has made the biggest mess ever! LOL

The next two fabulous layouts were submitted by Janine Kaye of her little guy having an absolute ball with his yummy treats!

Kylie Bailey has sent in this next cute layout of her newphew enjoying something delicious!

Then there are the not so good times when our young men take the meaning of the saying 'boys will be boys' just that little bit further! Like when they come running inside screaming with blood pouring out of them and you just know that particular scream means a trip to the doctors!!
Which is exactly what happened here in this next layout of my son who was innocently enough playing a game of soccer when he fell on a drink can resulting in his first lot of stitches. :(

The next poor little guy also hurt his knee...but just a little bit differently...LOL
Sent in by Christie Haywood:

Ann Lederhose shares this layout of her little man with another...not so good first for him:

Well thats it for today girls...don't forget the school photos competition!!
Please keep submitting those wonderful layouts girls:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...' layout today is a layout sent in by Dionne Molina who's attitude towards colour is fabulous. Dionne puts gender specific colour aside when scrapping and just scraps how she feels resulting in this stunning layout. Love it Dionne!

Sunday 22 April 2007

Boys and Their Dads

Hey everyone :)
Well again it's been a while since I updated this blog which I apologise for but it's school holidays here at the moment and I can never seem to find the 'right moment' to sit down and blog.
So...on to it.
There has been a fantastic influx of boys layouts for this blog and certainly a lot of inspiration to upload here.
What I have been totally delighted by though, are the layouts featuring boys and their dads or grandfathers.
A fantastic way to record family ties is to get photos of your sons with their dads and their dads dad etc.
We have a photo of our eldest son with my husband, his father and grandfather so it's a 4-generation photo of one line. Priceless!
As a family historian of the past 13 years, I truly value this photo and I'm sure one day my eldest son will too.
Take a look at this wonderful selection of layouts sent in by these very talented ladies:

Sally Mitchell has submitted this fabulous layout with an equally beautiful that title Sally!!

These next two lovely layouts were sent in by Hannah Blair. I love how Hannah has incorporated many photos in this first layout of her man with her boys. Fabulous Hannah!

Check out this next fun layout sent in by Deirdre Heath of her gorgeous little boy and hubby where it shows that dads can have just as much fun as their sons!!

Nicole Finlayson has sent in a stunning layout of her son spending time with his dad. Love the bright colours you've used here Nicole!

Stunning bright colours have also been used to celebrate the relationship between this father and son in this layout submitted by the very talented Michelle Vass.

This layout sent in by Kathie Link shows the precious relationship between her beautiful little boy and his grandfather...oh...and Jak the dog..LOL

Gorgeous layouts girls each and every one of them!
Don't forget to send your layouts in and continue inspiring other scrappers.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...' layout today is one of the most precious layouts I've ever seen.
Sent in by Nicole Finlayson it really shows the true relationship between a mother and her son. You should be very proud of yourself Nicole...this is one fantstic layout but more importantly one truly special photo.

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Terrific Teens

Hi everyone :)
Trust you are all well.

I was going through all my folders last night filing away layouts that just seem to build up until you have to file them..LOL....when I noticed that I haven't done that many layouts on my eldest son who is now 20.
I also realised that the pages I have done on him are mostly baby pages and then figured out that when I started scrapbooking, Josh was in his late teens and really didn't like getting his photo taken.
I found it very sad that I didn't try harder to get more photos of him and vowed that I wouldn't let it happen with my other kids. (Well...I hope it won't happen with my other kids!!) LOL

At the moment we have 2 teenagers, (Josh has just turned 20 and isn't classed as a teenager anymore), and one of our other boys will turn 13 in December so we'll be back to 3 teenagers again. As we all know, teenagers can be quite moody individuals but I have to say we've been very lucky so far with ours (touch wood!!) and they haven't been too bad.

If you have teenagers in your life and want some decent photos of them...ask them if they could make time for a photo shoot. This way, you don't have the camera poked in their face when they're 'not in the mood'. Let them choose their own clothes, background or setting...let them think you're doing it 'their way'. I'm sure by doing this they won't become defiant half way through the shoot and you should get some nice pics to scrap of them that they'll be happy with too. :)

I got some photos of Josh, my other boys and a couple of Joshs' mates in the back of his ute one Xmas day after a game of street cricket. I scrapped a layout of this with a poem adapted from Jingle Bells and Josh loved it that much he wanted it framed for his room! WARNING: OLD LAYOUT AHEAD!! LOL

Earlier on in the year I took a photo of him sleeping on the lounge after working a double shift and I was reflecting on the fact that it didn't seem that long ago that I was watching him sleep when he was a baby so I took some photos and journalled about this.

At the moment, I'm lucky that my other teenage boy, Jayden, doesn't mind getting his photo taken and this one is very photogenic...LOL Hmmm..must be why I've always got the camera stuck in his face??
Heres a recent layout of him, hamming it up for the camera in the dune buggy we bought the boys for Xmas '06!

Here is a selection of fantastic teenage boy layouts sent in by some extremely talented scrappers:

These first two fabulous layouts were sent in by Lisa Balm:

Tammy Templeton has taken a great approach to getting photos of her teenage son and snapped some shots of him in his school uniform. Tammy has used ephemera from her sons school year to decorate the layout. Great idea!

Kim Ogden has sent in a sensational layout of her teenage son and I love her approach to this. It shows that teenage boys can also be quiet and reflective and are not always loud, testosterone filled louts...LOL!!

These next two stunning layouts were sent in by the very talented Mardi Winen:

Fabulous as always Mardi. :)

Don't forget to keep those fantastic boys layouts rolling in everyone!
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Don't be shy now!!

My 'JUST BECAUSE...' layout for today is a fabulous page sent in by Kim Ogden.
It truly shows her son just being a boy. Thank Kim...:)

Monday 16 April 2007

Personalities, Eccentricities & Imagination

Hi all,
I just have to say that the layouts that have been sent in to this blog have been truly amazing and the talent out there is sensational!
Judging by the feedback left as either a comment or email, there are many scrapbookers who are very inspired by the quality of work that is being sent in and displayed here. Keep up the great work girls and keep sending those boy layouts in!!

My youngest son is 9 years old and at the age where he still doesn't mind getting his photo taken. He has an awesome personality and it really shines through in photos I have of him.
It is also around this age that boys still like to dress up in their favourite super hero costume (as long as their mates aren't around!!) and they're still quite animated little guys so you'll get some 'silly' pics no doubt as well.

A while back I went to check on my Jack in the bath and found him snorkelling!!
Well I just had to grab the camera and snap away. This is quite an old layout but it's just to show you what I mean by this particular age and their eccentricities, personalities and imaginations.

Last year my husband made the silly mistake of leaving his razor in the bathroom so guess who decided to have a shave?? Yep...Jack!
He nicked his face and didn't tell me at first what he'd done until I asked him but least he was honest!

It is also around this age that they have founded friendships and are learning about the good 'ol Aussie mateship code and they're probably starting to ask can they have friends over or if they can play at their mates houses. This is a good time to get pics of your boys with their friends. Who knows? Maybe that particular friendship may last many years and I'm sure you're boys will look back fondly on the photo you took of them with that mate when they're old enough to appreciate it. It's a male thing!! LOL

Have a look at these little guys and just see how their personalities shine through in these fantastic layouts:
Nicole Finlayson has sent in a gorgeous selection of layouts that captures the true personality of her son and his friends:

This awesome layout by Connie Hatch shows photos of her boy obviously not satisfied with sitting still for a photo shoot...LOL Love this!!

These 2 layouts sent in by Kylie Bailey are perfect examples of how a simple photo can reflect on a childs true personality:

Aren't they just the cutest??
So get your camera out today girls and snap some photos of your boys showing their true personalities, eccentricities and imaginations. You'll be glad you did!

Please keep submitting your wonderful layouts:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...' layout today is one sent in by Connie Hatch that just made me smile as soon as I opened the email. Fantastic photo and beautifully scrapped.