Monday 28 May 2007

And the winner is:

Congratulations Johanna! I loved your layout of your boys' first day at school!
Please send me your address details to the email link below so I can send you your prize.

Here is Johannas' gorgeous winning entry:

Now for a selection of the lovely entries that were sent in for the 'Scrap your Boys school photos competition.

Amie Taylor submitted a layout of her gorgeous nephews in their school uniform:

Natalie King shares this layout with us:

From Karen Haywood:

Hannah Blair sent this lovely layout of her son with his Kindergarten class:

This next lovely layout is from Julie Hancock:

Debbie Yeomans shares this gorgeous layout of her boys on their return to school:

Liz Webber submitted this gorgeous layout:

Vicki Brunner sent in this layout of her clever little boy receiving an award:

There should be lots of inspiration among that lot of lovely layouts for you to start scrapping your school boys' photos.
Thanks to everyone for entering!!

Please continue to send in your layouts to share and inspire others:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE....LO' today was one sent in for the 'Scrap the Boys school photos' competition...but this one was a little different to the others and I just love the concept of it!
Sent in by Debbie Yeomans...thanks Debbie!

Friday 18 May 2007

Dress me up...

Hi everyone,

Sorry...again..for not updating but I have been in hospital this week and on top of that have a son with chicken pox so it's been a little hectic!! So I'll be keeping this post short and sweet...hope you can understand. Also, I have a few more layouts to go through before the winner of the 'Scrap your Boys school pics' competition is announced but it will be done over the weekend some time so stay tuned. :)

I have some fun layouts to share tonight of gorgeous little fellows in their various states of dress-ups.

Natalie Hearn submitted this fantastic layout of her scary little boy:

These next two layouts were sent in by Johanna Brain of her boys hamming it up for the camera:

Sally Mitchell shares this stunning layout of her super hero son with us:

Spiderman seems to be the order of the day here as Katja Schneiders little boy also dresses up as his favourite super hero:

Nicole Finlayson's son looks fabulous dressed as this well know super star:

All gorgeous layouts girls...thanks so much for sharing. :)
Don't forget to keep sending those fantastic layouts in to share with us all:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...LO' today was one I was meant to upload on Sunday but as I was sick I didn't get around to it.
This layout is just stunning and shows a beautiful relationship between a very lucky mother and her gorgeous son.
Submitted by the very talented Debbie Bradley...thanks Debbie!!

Friday 11 May 2007

Hi everyone :)
Yesterday I was walking through my boys' primary school to pick them up when a little boy in Kindergarten walked past me and pulled the back of my jumper.
'Excuse me Miss...I've got snot!'. ROFL
Obviously mistaken for a teacher and all I could do was stand there and laugh at this cute little kid with the dirtiest nose I've ever seen!! God love him. :)
Aren't they just gorgeous at that age though? Full of beans and questions galore that sometimes makes you wonder just what goes on in their little minds.
Here are some gorgeous layouts of little boys of around Infant school age:

Kim Ogden shares these stunning layouts:

Nicole Finlayson submitted this next beautiful layout:

Vicki Brunner sent in this lovely layout:

This next lovely layout was submitted by Caroline this!

Michelle Perry shares her gorgeous layout with us:

This next stunning layout was submitted by Debbie Bradley:

Liz Weber shares these next two lovely layouts:

These next three stunning layouts were submitted by the very talented Tracey Cavanagh:

Gail Webber sent in these beautiful layouts of her son:

Debbie Yeomans shares this lovely layout:

From Johanna Brain...lovely Johanna!

Jane Logan sent in this beautiful layout:

This next stunning layout was submitted by Kim Geling:

Ann Lederhose shares this lovely creation:

Absolutely gorgeous layouts from everyone yet again! Thanks so much girls for continuing to inspire us all with your fabulous work.
If you'd like to share your layouts with us please don't hesitate to send them to me.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE....'LO today is just a gorgeous page sent in by the lovely Kim Ogden with photos of her son doing what just about every scrapbookers boy thinks!
Fabulous layout Kim...thanks for sharing!

Tuesday 8 May 2007

He Ain't Heavy....He's My Brother

So sorry everyone..I've been AWOL yet again!
May is just such an incredibly busy month for us that sometimes I think I want to curl up and sleep right through the entire 31 days of it!!
Birthday after birthday after birthday!! Unbelievable!
We celebrated our only daughters' 18th birthday on Sunday with family and friends and it was really very nice. I got some great photos of our girl with her 5 brothers that I can't wait to scrap. :)

I love seeing the gorgeous layouts from scrappers that are being sent in of their sons together. There is something really special about brothers and the bonds they share, no matter what age.

Take a look at these lovely layouts that have been submitted by some fabulously talented scrapbooking Mums' and let yourself be inspired by their awesome talent.

Hannah Blair has sent in these stunning layouts of her beautiful boys:

Thanks for sharing Hannah!
This next layout is a digital creation sent in all the way from Texas, USA from Lois Kennedy!

The next two fantastic layouts were sent in by Kerrie Lloyd of her sons spending time together:

Lisa Balm shares this next gorgeous layout:

The next three beautiful layouts were submitted by Johanna Brain who is lucky enough to have twin boys!!

Jane Logan shares this next layout of her beautiful boys:

This next stunning layout was sent in by Janine Kaye:

Debbie Yeomans shares this gorgeous layout of her boys:

Thanks girls...they are all amazing layouts and I'm sure everyone will get heaps of inspiration from them!

Don't forget to get your 'Scrap the Boys school photo' layouts in by the 16th! There have been some great entries flooding in and there is only 8 days left to submit them.
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Keep those fabulous layouts coming in of your boys...send them to the above link!

My 'JUST BECAUSE...'LO today was sent in by the very talented Vicki Brunner. This layout doesn't have a photo but it is still very special!
Vicki has scrapped her sons' first pre-school drawing and done so beautifully. Great idea Vicki...thanks for sharing!

**Sorry...this layout has been taken down for now. Check back soon. **