Wednesday 25 July 2007

Curve balls

Hi everyone,
Hope you're all well.
Unlike the boys in the layouts I have to share with you today!!

We all know that sometimes life throws curve balls at us and it's not always smooth sailing. I think it's a good idea to scrap the 'not so happy' times along with the good just as these scrappers have done, so that when great things do happen in our lives, we can reflect back to the bad times and appreciate our lives more.

Although these first two gorgeous little babies aren't happy...they still look so cute!
This lovely layout was sent in by Nicole Pomeroy:

This next stunning layout was submitted by Jolynn Payne:

Aren't they just adorable?

Kathie Link's little guy doesn't look to happy about having to keep his hat on in this cute layout:

Katja Schneider has sent in this fabulous layout documenting the emotions of her son while he's throwing a bit of a tanty. Bet we all know that story only too well!

Terri Holbrook has sent in this layout of her poor boy in hospital with a broken arm. He is very brave Terri!

Now the next young man certainly has something to be unhappy about! He copped it twice!
Sent in by Michelle Mullins of her boy:

This next great layout was sent in by Lisa Balm. Now how many times have we seen this look girls?? LOL

Well thats enough of all that unhappiness for one post!!
Keep sending those great layouts of yours in to share girls.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE'..LO today is one that shows what we all like to see...smiles from our boys!
Sent in by Hannah Blair of her gorgeous boy!

Wednesday 18 July 2007


Hi everyone,
I must apologise for the delay in posting but I am absolutely flat out and will be until after the first week in August.
So you know why if there are any more delays!! :)

Today I have some lovely layouts of our boys celebrating! Whether it be Xmas, Easter, birthdays...or even that they got an award...celebrate the boys in your life!!

Bon Johnstone shares this great layout of her son turning 5:

Kylie Bailey submitted this gorgeous layout of her nephew celebrating his graduation from pre-school:

These next three layouts feature adorable babies celebrating their very first Xmas.
Naomi Elswyk shares the first two lovely layout:

Wendy Gaskin submitted this next cute layout:

Jo Peterson has sent this stunning layout of her boys with Santa:

Christina Dean shares this beautiful layout of her Xmas elf:

This is one of my layouts of my youngest son who had written his Xmas list to Santa and had put next to the items he wanted to really receive as MOST WANTED:

Easter is also a very special time of year that we celebrate as shown in this gorgeous layout by Lisa Eaton:

We celebrate Easter in a big way in our house and heres another of my layouts with my 2nd youngest son in the Easter liturgy at school:

So again...plenty of inspiration and ideas there girls for your celebration layouts!!

Please continue to send in your work to share with us:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...LO' today was sent in by Tina Casini.
It's a photo of her gorgeous little boy meeting his Pa in a Nursing Home for the very first time. It truly is precious Tina...thanks for sharing!!

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Funny Face

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and fighting the winter woes.
It's been so cold here I just want to hibernate...LOL
I don't think we've had the heater on here as often as we have these past few weeks.

Tonight I have some hilarious layouts sent in by some awesome scrappers, showcasing the very funny antics their boys get up to!!

Check out the face on Ann Lederhose's son! Definately a Cheeky Monkey!!

Debbie Yeomans scrapped these fabulous layouts of her boys pulling funny faces:

Michelle Frisby has submitted this great layout of her son acting the clown:

The next two layouts were sent in by the very talented Mistra Hoolihan who has created these great layouts of her son being crazy!!

That's it tonight girls..sorry but Mr Blogger doesn't want to play nice.

Don't forget to keep sending those fabulous pages in.

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Also, stay tuned for a new competition which I wil be announcing in the next couple of weeks!!

My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO this evening was sent in by a new contributor who lives in Kentucky, USA. Stella Baker shares this gorgeous layout of her son at a theme park. I just love the colour and design of this layout! Thanks for sharing Stella!!

Friday 6 July 2007

That Smile!

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all coping well with the school holidays if you have them at the moment?
Everything is fine far so good. :)

Isn't it amazing how when our boys, big and small, do something they're not supposed to or they want something...they can give us one of those big, beaming smiles of theirs and it just melts our hearts?
How can we say no??
Let me tell you something ladies (and gents if there are any reading..LOL)..these guys know EXACTLY what they are doing!! They know by giving us that huge cheesy grin, we will relent and give in to whatever it is they need..or want usually!!

Check out these fabulous layouts of some of the most beautiful smiles I've seen!!

Hannah Blair has sent in this beautiful layout of her beautiful, smiling baby boy:

Karen Day submitted this lovely layout of her little guys cheesy grin:

Debbie Yeomans has sent these two layouts of her youngest boy...just stunning Debbie:

Check out the smile on this gorgeous little boy of Janine Kaye's:

Wendy Gaskin shares this gorgeous layout:

Nicole Finlayson shares some more of her gorgeous layouts of her cute son. Check out these two:

Liz Weber sent in this beautiful this little boys smile!

Jane Logan shares this layout of this gorgeous little guy:

Terri Holbrook has submitted the next two lovely layouts. Check out the beaming smile of this first little guy holding balloons:

On to the older kids and Debbie Yeomans has also subbed these gorgeous layout of her other son who also has a spectacular smile:

Petrina McDonald shares this lovely layout of her sons beautiful smile:

Julie Hancock sent in this layout of her gorgeous younger son:

Charmaine Size shares this layout titled 'Extraordinary'..and she's right...this is an extraordinary smile!!

Now on to even bigger boys.
Karen Haywood submitted this lovely layout. What a stunning smile!

Lisa Balm shares this layout of her son who has a lovely smile:

And Julie Hancock sent in this gorgeous layout of her smiling, older son:

Heaps of ideas and inspiration from that lot of handsome boys!!

Keep sending in your gorgeous work please girls.
Can I ask though, when you submit, can you please keep your layouts to under 1mb and please send them through as jpg. files. Thanks. :)

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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO was one from sent in by the very talented Tammy Templeton of her gorgeous youngest son. This would have to be one of the cheekiest, cheesiest, 'I'm so cute' grins of all time!! Thanks for sharing Tam!!

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Stars in Their Eyes

Hi all,
Wow what a day!!
I've just taken 3 of the boys and the dog on a round trip of just under 200 k's through the National Park and visiting many different beaches along the way.
We had a great day but it tiring or what??
Got some great new pics to scrap now, just have to find the time to do it!!

Back to the blog! Stars are very popular on our pages at the moment in many forms. Lots of patterned papers now feature stars as well as embellishments in the shape of stars such as chipboard, scrapbooking tape, name's got stars! They are very versatile and look great on all age layouts, from babies to men!

This selection of layouts focuses on stars, whether it be the papers, the embellishments or even the titles used in the layouts.

This absolutely stunning layout was sent in by Pip Prosser:

Hannah Blair shares these two lovely layouts:

Dee Heath has used stars in this fabulous layout:

Christie Haywood has sent in these two stunning layouts:

Tammy Templeton shares this cute layout of her little boy at pre-school using stars as embellishments to blend in with the patterned paper:

Lisa Warren has used a line of stars that look very effective on this page:

This stunning layout was sent in by Julie Hancock incorporating stars:

Love these next two layouts submitted by Janine Kaye who also uses stars as embellishments:

I adore this gorgeous layout sent in by Debbie Yeomans of her little star:

Christina Dean shares this layout where she has used stars as embellishments to match the patterned paper.

Jenni Ballantyne sent in this great layout where she has added stars over the top of the star patterned paper for a 3D effect:

Mistra Hoolihan shares this great layout using a ready made embellishment that has a phrase on it about a star, then Mistra has used a lone star on the main monogram of the layout:

This gorgeous layout was sent in by Tess Youd and also has star embellishments to match the patterned paper used on the layout:

Here are two of my layouts where I've used stars:

Plenty of inspiration here for you all I'm sure.
Thanks girls for sending in such awesome layouts to share with us all.
If you'd like to contribute your work to Scrap the Boys please send to the link below. However, can I please ask that all layouts be no larger than 1mb, thank you.

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My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO today keeps with the stars theme and it's one I absolutely love! Sent in by Julie Takacs, it's a fabulous layout and a great design. Thanks Julie!!