Friday, 11 May 2007

Hi everyone :)
Yesterday I was walking through my boys' primary school to pick them up when a little boy in Kindergarten walked past me and pulled the back of my jumper.
'Excuse me Miss...I've got snot!'. ROFL
Obviously mistaken for a teacher and all I could do was stand there and laugh at this cute little kid with the dirtiest nose I've ever seen!! God love him. :)
Aren't they just gorgeous at that age though? Full of beans and questions galore that sometimes makes you wonder just what goes on in their little minds.
Here are some gorgeous layouts of little boys of around Infant school age:

Kim Ogden shares these stunning layouts:

Nicole Finlayson submitted this next beautiful layout:

Vicki Brunner sent in this lovely layout:

This next lovely layout was submitted by Caroline this!

Michelle Perry shares her gorgeous layout with us:

This next stunning layout was submitted by Debbie Bradley:

Liz Weber shares these next two lovely layouts:

These next three stunning layouts were submitted by the very talented Tracey Cavanagh:

Gail Webber sent in these beautiful layouts of her son:

Debbie Yeomans shares this lovely layout:

From Johanna Brain...lovely Johanna!

Jane Logan sent in this beautiful layout:

This next stunning layout was submitted by Kim Geling:

Ann Lederhose shares this lovely creation:

Absolutely gorgeous layouts from everyone yet again! Thanks so much girls for continuing to inspire us all with your fabulous work.
If you'd like to share your layouts with us please don't hesitate to send them to me.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE....'LO today is just a gorgeous page sent in by the lovely Kim Ogden with photos of her son doing what just about every scrapbookers boy thinks!
Fabulous layout Kim...thanks for sharing!

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DenimAngel said...

Oh that is too funny. Boys will be boys won't they? Oh btw I love your BLOG, will be back often to check it out. I have seven boys and so need some inspiration to get me scrapping again.