Friday, 18 May 2007

Dress me up...

Hi everyone,

Sorry...again..for not updating but I have been in hospital this week and on top of that have a son with chicken pox so it's been a little hectic!! So I'll be keeping this post short and sweet...hope you can understand. Also, I have a few more layouts to go through before the winner of the 'Scrap your Boys school pics' competition is announced but it will be done over the weekend some time so stay tuned. :)

I have some fun layouts to share tonight of gorgeous little fellows in their various states of dress-ups.

Natalie Hearn submitted this fantastic layout of her scary little boy:

These next two layouts were sent in by Johanna Brain of her boys hamming it up for the camera:

Sally Mitchell shares this stunning layout of her super hero son with us:

Spiderman seems to be the order of the day here as Katja Schneiders little boy also dresses up as his favourite super hero:

Nicole Finlayson's son looks fabulous dressed as this well know super star:

All gorgeous layouts girls...thanks so much for sharing. :)
Don't forget to keep sending those fantastic layouts in to share with us all:
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...LO' today was one I was meant to upload on Sunday but as I was sick I didn't get around to it.
This layout is just stunning and shows a beautiful relationship between a very lucky mother and her gorgeous son.
Submitted by the very talented Debbie Bradley...thanks Debbie!!


Deb said...

Sorry to hear about the health problems this week, I do hope you are both feeling better?

I can sympahise though, our household has been battling ills for a fortnight and I wish it was all over too.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you have been unwell and chicken pox to boot - who did you upset??? lol

take care

Tammy said...

Such gorgeous layouts!! I have been inspired!!