Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Terrific Teens

Hi everyone :)
Trust you are all well.

I was going through all my folders last night filing away layouts that just seem to build up until you have to file them..LOL....when I noticed that I haven't done that many layouts on my eldest son who is now 20.
I also realised that the pages I have done on him are mostly baby pages and then figured out that when I started scrapbooking, Josh was in his late teens and really didn't like getting his photo taken.
I found it very sad that I didn't try harder to get more photos of him and vowed that I wouldn't let it happen with my other kids. (Well...I hope it won't happen with my other kids!!) LOL

At the moment we have 2 teenagers, (Josh has just turned 20 and isn't classed as a teenager anymore), and one of our other boys will turn 13 in December so we'll be back to 3 teenagers again. As we all know, teenagers can be quite moody individuals but I have to say we've been very lucky so far with ours (touch wood!!) and they haven't been too bad.

If you have teenagers in your life and want some decent photos of them...ask them if they could make time for a photo shoot. This way, you don't have the camera poked in their face when they're 'not in the mood'. Let them choose their own clothes, background or setting...let them think you're doing it 'their way'. I'm sure by doing this they won't become defiant half way through the shoot and you should get some nice pics to scrap of them that they'll be happy with too. :)

I got some photos of Josh, my other boys and a couple of Joshs' mates in the back of his ute one Xmas day after a game of street cricket. I scrapped a layout of this with a poem adapted from Jingle Bells and Josh loved it that much he wanted it framed for his room! WARNING: OLD LAYOUT AHEAD!! LOL

Earlier on in the year I took a photo of him sleeping on the lounge after working a double shift and I was reflecting on the fact that it didn't seem that long ago that I was watching him sleep when he was a baby so I took some photos and journalled about this.

At the moment, I'm lucky that my other teenage boy, Jayden, doesn't mind getting his photo taken and this one is very photogenic...LOL Hmmm..must be why I've always got the camera stuck in his face??
Heres a recent layout of him, hamming it up for the camera in the dune buggy we bought the boys for Xmas '06!

Here is a selection of fantastic teenage boy layouts sent in by some extremely talented scrappers:

These first two fabulous layouts were sent in by Lisa Balm:

Tammy Templeton has taken a great approach to getting photos of her teenage son and snapped some shots of him in his school uniform. Tammy has used ephemera from her sons school year to decorate the layout. Great idea!

Kim Ogden has sent in a sensational layout of her teenage son and I love her approach to this. It shows that teenage boys can also be quiet and reflective and are not always loud, testosterone filled louts...LOL!!

These next two stunning layouts were sent in by the very talented Mardi Winen:

Fabulous as always Mardi. :)

Don't forget to keep those fantastic boys layouts rolling in everyone!
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...' layout for today is a fabulous page sent in by Kim Ogden.
It truly shows her son just being a boy. Thank Kim...:)


Lis said...

Lots of great layouts again. You and I both havea Joshua and a Jayden!
Josh is my oldest and Jay is my baby :)

Sharryn Thomson said...

I noticed that Lisa Josh is my eldest and Jayden is my 3rd child but 2nd son. :)
Sharryn :)

Anonymous said...

Great LO's! I really enjoyed looking at your blog today, as it is so true that teenage boys are so hard to get a photo of. Thanks for the fabulous tip ;) I'm going to propose a photo shot for my eldest DS now.

Cheers and keep the LO's coming. So much inspiration. I love it

Marie said...

Old lo or not, Sharryn, it is still beautiful because it has preserved the memories of your ds.

I passed this blog address to a lady in the street yesterday, who was lamenting the fact that there are very few los of boys. The los in this post (as in the others) are truly inspiring and I love seeing all these boy los.

Great advice about getting photos from teenagers - something to store in my memory bank for when my two reach that age.

Thank you, Sharryn, and thank you everyone for being so generous in sharing your gorgeous work.

connie said...

Great Layouts... LOVE THEM ALL...
Keep them coming Sharryn... this blog is a GREAT idea!!!