Friday, 13 April 2007

Outdoors boys & their Outdoor Toys

Hi all, has been a couple of days since my last blog which I'm very sorry for!
We had a really busy Easter break and my husband had planned to take the four youngest boys camping on Easter Monday while I stayed home for a nice, quiet, relaxing week but that wasn't to be!! They talked me into going so Monday morning was spent running around like a chook without a head organising all my gear to go along.
I'm really glad I did though as we had a ball out in the bush spending quality time together and also spending time with extended family members.
As they say though, it's always great to get home and I'm really looking forward to my own bed tonight after sleeping in the back of our huge trailer in a swag covered with a tarp for 4 nights!!
While we were away I managed to get some fantastic outdoors shots of the boys just doing 'their thing'. It was great to see them enjoying themselves so much out in the bush with no TV, Playstations or computers....heck no electricity at all!! I can't wait to get some of those pics scrapped!!
Have you ever noticed how your boys seem more relaxed outdoors? My boys love being outside, whether it be in the bush or at the beach and I seem to be able to get photos of them without too much of a struggle. I also like to just follow them around and take pics of them just wondering and discovering the world around them, without them even noticing I'm there snapping away.
This particular day I'd taken my boys for a bike ride and wanted to experiment with some different angle shots so I let them ride around and just followed behind. I got this shot of my son Jye while I was sitting on the grass and he rode over:

Take a look at some of these fantastic layouts sent in by these great scrappers of their boys enjoying the outdoors:

I really loved this angle and added some digital brushes in Photoshop just to soften all the blue in the photo.
Another day I took the boys for a bushwalk and we found a lovely waterfall under a bridge that we'd driven over many times and hadn't noticed before. They were all relaxed and happy to pose for a shot in front of the waterfall as it was something new to them and something they hadn't seen before.

The property that we take the boys camping and dune buggy riding was once a sheep station and still has some of the old lean to's and corrugated iron shelters around.
We went down there last December and it just happened to be Jyes' birthday so I used that as an excuse for a photo shoot!! I got some great shots of him up against the lean-to and changed them to black and white for a more rustic look and a 'softer' boys layout with a different 'mood' altogether.

Check out this collection of layouts from these fantastic scrappers of their boys enjoying the great outdoors!!
This first layout is from Caroline McLachlan and is a photo of her son doing what all boys love to do: fish!!

This next layout was submitted by the amazingly talented Michelle Perry and are photos of the gorgeous little boys in her life:

Charmaine Size has created these fabulous boys layouts:

Vicki Brunner has submitted this layout of her little boys enjoying the outdoors in a quietly reflective way. Yes...little boys CAN be quiet sometimes. :)

These next two layouts were sent in by Marie Noske of her gorgeous boys spending some time outside:

Please continiue to send in your boy layouts to share without other scrappers.
I have had lots and lots of positive feedback so far and there are already a lot of scrappers being inspired by these wonderful layouts that are flooding in.

Submit Your Pages

My 'JUST BECAUSE....' layout tonight is one sent in by Kathie Link of her gorgeous little boy doing what most little Aussie boys have done at some time in their life and enjoyed a bowl of Weetbix. How cute is this kid???

Sharryn :)


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Sharryn, this blog is a wonderful idea :)

Nic xx

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Love all the different layouts. They're all so diverse, yet still so boy-y (for want of a better word, lol!)

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