Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Boys can dress up too!

Hi there,
Do you have boys that love to dress up? Do you scrap those layouts or file them 'away' in the hope that no-one ever finds them.
One of my sons has Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of autism and ever since he was a small boy, he has loved dressing up and role playing.
Sometimes he devises his own characters and other times he dresses as super heros or movie stars like Harry Potter.
I embrace this quirky side of him and have scrapped quite a few LO's of him in his strange 'get up'.
It's not unusual for my other boys to join him (well the younger ones anyway)...in fact...last weekend I went outside to check on their play and half the kids in the street were prancing around in strange outfits thanks to the next door neighbour who has a massive dress up chest!!

This first LO is pic of my son Jedd when he was asked to be the Angel Gabriel in a Xmas pageant at school. None of the other boys would wear the hot pink, fluffy wings except...my boy Jedd!! LOL

Doesn't he look happy about it on the night when everyone is there watching?? NOT!! LOL
This next LO is again a photo of Jedd taken last year when he was in Yr 6. The kids had to dress as gold miners and Jedd loved this challenge.
Before he left for school I took him out the front and put him in front of some fallen branches and took some pics. I then played around with this photo in Photoshop to 'age' it and after addinf some digital brushwork, I thought it look quite '1800s' like.

One day last year I took my 4 youngest boys for a bike ride and on the way home we had to come through an underground tunnel that was heavily painted in graffiti. Normally I would be disgusted as I can't stand graffiti, but, being the scrapbooker I am I took it as a photo opportunity!

Don't they look mean? LOL
Now that photo was just a matter of taking in your surroundings and using to your advantage. The boys jumped at the chance to pose 'feral' and I got a great pic for my trouble!

So, if you're son loves dressing up...grab your camera and get some shots. Any money when he's all grown up these are the shots I bet you sit and laugh about!!

If you have LO's of your boys dressing up, or any other boy LO's, send them in to share.

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Take Care
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

Great LO's Sharryn (I tell ya I'm starting to feel a bit like a stalker PMSLOL) I especially love the HOOD LO. As you have said normally I too would have been disgusted but the photo opportunity paid off ;)
Great idea for a blog.
Take care

TatumW said...

Great Idea Sharryn! Love all of your LO's, you do great boy pages! I esp. love the wild colonial bot LO! Tatum xx

TatumW said...
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Peta G said...

What a great idea Sharryn!! Love your layouts!! I'll be visiting on a regular basis!! Well done!!