Wednesday, 3 October 2018

September Hello Baby challenge winners!

We had lots of amazing layouts for this challenge and it was a hard job choosing just two!

Thank you for all those that entered.

Here are our winners:

Louise Turner from Australia

Ksenia_phedra_li from Russia

Both beautiful layouts.

Louise can you PM your postal details so we can send your prize and Kensia if you would like to be our guest designer also message Scrap the Boys.


Louise Turner Scrapbooker said...

Thank you STB team. What an honor! <3
Louise xo

Heike`sAugenBlick said...

Congrats to the winner... xoxo

Ксения Phedra Ли said...

Wow, thanks a lot! Happy to play along with you! How can I massage you?

polya-molya said...

Ксения, напиши Рейчел по адресу Страничка твоя потрясная!

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