Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Messy L'il Guys

Hi all,
My niece had the most adorable little baby boy on Dec.3rd, who they have named Tyler.

While visiting at the hospital, the new bubs needed a nappy change and it made me laugh how these tiny little guys are making mess as soon as they enter the world!!

Here are some fabulous layouts of messy l'il boys!!

These first two cute layouts were submitted by Hannah Blair:

This next gorgeous layout aptly titled 'Mess' is shared by Dee Heath:

I'm so glad I'm not cleaning up after Tammy Templetons' little bloke:

Tina Casini sent in this next layout. Check out this gorgeous little boys dirty face!!

'M is for Mischief' alright in this next layout sent in by Jo Brain:

Gorgeous layouts, as always, girls...thanks so much for sending them in and sharing them with us. :)

Please keep submitting your layouts to share inspire others.
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My 'JUST BECAUSE...' LO today is an absolute mess...LOL
I am truly glad I didn't have to clean up after this little guy....love this layout sent in by Cassandra Glass. Thanks Cass. :)


Anonymous said...

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Sharryn Thomson said...

Ummm...thinnk you have the wrong person.

Laura said...

Hi Sharryn,
can't remember how I found my way here...been clicking away most of the morning...lol. Anyway, I am a Mom of 4 boys and I think this idea of yours is fabulous! Will be definitely popping back regularly for inspiration. I agree with the comment made about scrappers block when it comes to girls layouts...something I don't have to do too often but when I do, it takes forever...lol!

Anonymous said...

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Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

All of these lo are so inspiring! I especially like the ones about spaghetti...too stinkin' cute!!! (I say that a lot) :) Really like your blog. Thanks for sharing!