Friday, 6 July 2007

That Smile!

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all coping well with the school holidays if you have them at the moment?
Everything is fine far so good. :)

Isn't it amazing how when our boys, big and small, do something they're not supposed to or they want something...they can give us one of those big, beaming smiles of theirs and it just melts our hearts?
How can we say no??
Let me tell you something ladies (and gents if there are any reading..LOL)..these guys know EXACTLY what they are doing!! They know by giving us that huge cheesy grin, we will relent and give in to whatever it is they need..or want usually!!

Check out these fabulous layouts of some of the most beautiful smiles I've seen!!

Hannah Blair has sent in this beautiful layout of her beautiful, smiling baby boy:

Karen Day submitted this lovely layout of her little guys cheesy grin:

Debbie Yeomans has sent these two layouts of her youngest boy...just stunning Debbie:

Check out the smile on this gorgeous little boy of Janine Kaye's:

Wendy Gaskin shares this gorgeous layout:

Nicole Finlayson shares some more of her gorgeous layouts of her cute son. Check out these two:

Liz Weber sent in this beautiful this little boys smile!

Jane Logan shares this layout of this gorgeous little guy:

Terri Holbrook has submitted the next two lovely layouts. Check out the beaming smile of this first little guy holding balloons:

On to the older kids and Debbie Yeomans has also subbed these gorgeous layout of her other son who also has a spectacular smile:

Petrina McDonald shares this lovely layout of her sons beautiful smile:

Julie Hancock sent in this layout of her gorgeous younger son:

Charmaine Size shares this layout titled 'Extraordinary'..and she's right...this is an extraordinary smile!!

Now on to even bigger boys.
Karen Haywood submitted this lovely layout. What a stunning smile!

Lisa Balm shares this layout of her son who has a lovely smile:

And Julie Hancock sent in this gorgeous layout of her smiling, older son:

Heaps of ideas and inspiration from that lot of handsome boys!!

Keep sending in your gorgeous work please girls.
Can I ask though, when you submit, can you please keep your layouts to under 1mb and please send them through as jpg. files. Thanks. :)

Submit Your Pages

My 'JUST BECAUSE'...LO was one from sent in by the very talented Tammy Templeton of her gorgeous youngest son. This would have to be one of the cheekiest, cheesiest, 'I'm so cute' grins of all time!! Thanks for sharing Tam!!


Terri Brown said...

Sharryn I just love coming over to see how others scrap their boys. So much inspiration here.

MsGrace said...

Wow so glad I found this...what fun to look at all the fab boy pages!!